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"In the Right Light, Everything is Beautiful"

At All Events Lighting Systems (AELS) we deliver quality events utilizing our high tech lighting and audio equipment.


Whether the event is corporate or social, we will work with you to determine your lighting  and sound needs. We offer you greater flexibility for your event or project and remain budget friendly.

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"We've Got The Heavy Lifting Covered"

S.M.E.S.L. is a certified equipment rental, sale and service-based company.

We can supply a range of power, heavy equipment  and more, which comprises of Generators, Lighting Towers, Aerial lifts both Scissors & Articulated (Electric & Diesel), Forklifts, Skid Steers, Excavators, Compressors, Fuel Tanks, Re-Fueling Services, Hiab Services and more.

All our equipment can be rented with  or without certified operators.

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"Your One Stop Event Shop"

This is a full-service event company that provides comprehensive Planning, Consultation, Supervision, Equipment  and Event Rentals and Technical Services for companies, organisations, decorators, private persons, event venues, resorts and event coordinators.

At All Events Systems Limited (AESL) we deliver quality events utilising our large stock of in-house equipment and expertise.

Using our thorough, methodical, creative and fun approach together with your big ideas can only mean one thing…VERY successful events time and time again.

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MAHARAJ Property
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"Affordable Property Solutions"

"Affordable Property Solutions"

Maharaj Property Management Co. Ltd is your solutions partner in the real estate and construction industries.

With staff and equipment second to none we are able to help you manoeuvre any project on time and within budget. Whether it is land, residential or commercial property you can rely on us to meet every project need.

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