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About Us

Guided by the vision of its Founder and Managing Director Mr. Shival Maharaj, All Events Lighting Systems was established in 2005 as an immediate solution to the needs of the events industry. The economy diversified, consumption patterns changed and other companies were introduced as solutions partners, to meet the increasing demands of the market.

This led to the creation of Divisions. The Event Rentals & Services and Executive Services Divisions fully supported the events industry.


Power & Heavy Equipment and Construction & Property Management Divisions serviced the booming construction and real estate industries.


Food & Beverage and Aggregate Divisions were included to adapt to market changes. The Sales & Distribution Division services the needs of customers seeking access to products that are not readily available, by providing a reliable network.


The SM Group was constituted and created an alliance that built on the strengths of each division and provided tangential benefits simultaneously across sectors.

In 2021, the alliance continued with the formation of SM Group Guyana and led to SM Group International being born.

With our versatile products and our trained, certified and experienced team, SM Group International is your solution.

We have serviced the Caribbean and the Americas including Dominica, Barbados and Florida.

Driven by our vision and mission, we epitomize our core values.

Our Vision

To be the leading solutions partner.​

Our Mission

Through continuous improvement, we will support your local and regional needs by providing dependable service and quality products 24/7.

Our Core Values

The foundation of our existence and what continues to drive our relationships, communication and daily activities lie in our core values. We are guided by the basic tenets of:

  • Integrity

  • Service Excellence

  • Dependability

  • Commitment

  • Consistency

As a Group we continue to grow, develop and move forward by ensuring that our primary companies embody these principles. These companies are:


Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our brand is integral to our success. We are good corporate citizens and ensure all of our actions reflect this. Safety and Ethics are of the utmost importance to our team.

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